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5 Ways on How to Clean Gutters Fast


In order to maintain a well-functioning home, and a place to live in comfortably, clean gutters and eavestroughs are a must. Cleaning these areas can be an unpleasant chore when it comes to homeownership. And sometimes you have to weigh in the costs of doing it yourself, or hiring a professional to clean your gutters. It’s really up to you. But in today’s article, we’re going to share with you how to clean your gutters fast. 

Eavestroughs and gutters are located near the top of your home, the roof area. And because they’re hard to access and clean, there are times they get ignored. Actually, most of the time. However, ignoring your eaves and gutters can result in increased maintenance costs and home issues. Let’s say, for example, you just let the dirt build up in your gutters, it could lead to worse things like leaks, moulds, pests, and even worst – damage. This is why you shouldn’t neglect to keep your eaves and gutters clean. 

Cleaning Equipment Required Clean Gutters and Eavestroughs

Are you comfortable with cleaning the gutters yourself? Well, if you have extra time and extra cash to invest in equipment, here’s what you need:

Safety Goggles

There’s going to be a lot of dirt, gunk, and build up on top. We need to make sure that your eyes are well-protected. We don’t want anything going in your eyes, don’t we? 

Garden Hose

If you have a motor pump, that’s much better to give off a stronger pressure. But a garden hose will do. This will help clear any blockages like leaves, mud, dirt etc. Ensure your hose is long enough to reach hard places.


Okay, this is not literally a piece of equipment. A spotter is a person to help you hold your ladder, and keep you in check that you don’t fall off your roof. You can ask your wife, a friend, your neighbour or someone you can trust. This is important. Your safety is important. 


Depending on how high your house is, you need a ladder to help you reach your gutters. A stable, secure gutter should do. This is where your spotter would be of help. They can hold the ladder so it doesn’t wobble off causing you to fall.


Never ever do dangerous chores like this without protecting yourself. Gloves are an essential tool that can protect your hands from possible injury from broken glass, metal, etc. 

Garden Trowel

A trowel or any kind of tool like a shovel that you can use to scoop out fallen dirt or debris off your gutter.

How to Clean Gutters Fast

Once you have all your tools, you can now start the process of cleaning your eavestroughs and gutters.

Step 1

Dress up~! And we don’t mean any formal tuxe. Wear something with long sleeves, work pants, and your gloves. This is a dirty job, so be ready for it. Your outfit should be comfortable and can give you an ample amount of coverage. 

Step 2

Lay down a tarp, or any big piece of paper, or plastic sheet that can collect all the gunk that you’ll remove from your eavestrough or gutter.

Step 3

With a good, extendable, and sturdy ladder, place it on a flat surface. Call your spotter (any person who can help you) to hold the ladder in place, and pick up anything that you drop just in case. If you have a stabilizer, that’s even better for safety and preventing damage on your gutters. 

Step 4

Start removing the gunk by scooping them one by one. You can use a sandbox shovel, your garden trowel, or even your kitchen spatula. This is where you can also use your garden hose to quickly remove dirt by hosing them down with water. If you have a leaf blower, that would work well too. You can drop them off the tarp you’ve set up below.

Step 5

After you’ve removed all the microparticles from your gutter, you can use your hose again to flush them all down. Once you see your gutter clear, you can now observe any damaged metal or roofing. 

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Our Recommendation

Sounds easy? It’s fast, but to tell you the truth, cleaning your gutters is never easy. We recommend cleaning your gutters about twice a year. In Springtime, and during Fall. Of course you can have it cleaned more often especially depending on the current climate and environment. If you live in an area that’s always raining or snowing, or a place with a lot of trees, your eavestrough needs cleaning more often.

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