Our Professional Christmas Lighting Installation

With Halloween falling by the wayside and Thanksgiving rounding the bend, many residents of North York begin to set their eyes on the Christmas season. Preparing yourself and the neighbourhood for decorating season can be exciting! Setting up lawn ornaments, designing your exterior lights, coordinating with your neighbours to make your street the best in town.

But, as the Christmas season draws closer, we often find that we have less free time to worry about the lights and decorations. Searching for gifts, making plans, and the events of everyday life often take over in this period of time. So where can we turn to make sure that our house is still the envy of North York? Shine Windows, a local exterior home cleaning company, has your back!

Not only does Shine Windows offer some of the best cleaning services available in the Toronto/Montreal area, but they will work with you to make sure your Christmas lights are the brightest and best during this Christmas season. Don’t stress about finding time to set your lights up or put yourself at risk trying to do crazy maneuvers to get that corner light hung! Let Shine Windows work with you this holiday season.

Christmas Lights Installation Services in the GTA

Schedule, Budget, Design

The process is tailored to you. We understand that they are your lights, and so we offer a custom plan on what you will expect. The process begins with scheduling a meeting between us and you – we’ll pinpoint how much you’re willing to spend and see what plans you can get with your budget. After you have a set budget, we will talk about your design possibilities and what you can expect!

Choosing the best plan for you is the goal of Shine Windows and executing your design is our passion! Shine Windows uses only the best available products on the market to fit your needs and make your home shine. We also will provide regular maintenance throughout the holiday season to ensure that your decorations stay as alive and beautiful as they can be.

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Shine Window’s Christmas Light Services

We specialize in both residential and commercial Christmas lighting services. Not only does Shine Windows provide members of North York with quality Christmas light installation, but you will also receive regular maintenance checks throughout the season.

  • Residential – We’ll work on your home and help to make sure that you won’t stick out like an undecorated sore thumb within your neighbourhood. Shine Windows will come to your home and help decorate for you according to your plans.
  • Commercial – Even companies have the option to decorate with Shine Windows. If your building of business is looking to get in the holiday spirit, we can help you out.

Keeping your home decorated and gorgeous throughout the holiday season can be difficult, especially as we become more and more busy with life. Let Shine Windows handle the holidays for you! We’ll decorate your home in a manner that suits you and your design! Our team of professionals service Toronto, Forest Hill, Rosedale, Bridle Path, and Midtown Toronto.

Example of Xmas Light Installation in Toronto

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