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We all love being out on the deck when the weather begins warming up, but it does tend to get messy during the harsh winter months. Pressure washing seems like the obvious solution, but this can do more harm than good. See, the high pressure from these machines can actually cause serious harm and potentially irreparable damage to wooden decks. The safest method of deck cleaning in Toronto is to hire professionals who can guarantee a new-looking deck while keeping the longevity of the wood in mind.

Our highly trained and experienced technicians are the very best at what they do, and you simply can’t find a better option for deck cleaning in the GTA than our caring and detailed service pros. From washing, pressure washing, to restoring with deck staining, to preventative care, we know that your outdoor space is one of your most prized possessions and a great place for family gatherings and parties. 

To make the most of the warmer months, you want your deck looking like new every season. Our deck cleaning services can ensure this and much more.

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Deck Cleaning in Toronto

Toronto Deck Pressure Washing with a Professional Touch

When your deck begins to fade, it is usually caused by dirt buildup or other outdoor wood scourges like grit, mold, or mildew. These types of things are easily treated by quality pressure washing in Toronto

However, you do NOT want to try this yourself. Protecting your deck from years in the elements does require pressure washing, but the right amount of touch and care, with professional technique, is required to ensure that the wood is not damaged even further by the amount of water and the intensity of the wash. 

We will also make sure the pressure wash hits exactly the right places to make sure your wood is not being rotted by the elements; removing dirt and grime deep within the grains with professional care of deck cleaning in Toronto helps us make sure that your deck lasts even longer than you had in mind when you installed it. 

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It’s Toronto. Is Deck Cleaning Really Necessary?

The simple answer is yes. Regardless of the weather or your location (rural, city, suburb, etc.), your deck is always exposed to outdoor elements and weather that Toronto brings. Fence and deck cleaning is especially important because of the drastic changes in temperature, which can create a lot of mold, mildew, and grime on both the surface of your deck and the internal components. 

In order to get the most longevity out of your deck, fence and deck cleaning (And don’t forget the deck stain and painting after!) in Toronto provides proper care that must be maintained year-round. Along with being much nicer to look at, a clean deck is a deck that won’t rot nearly as fast as one that doesn’t have proper care. Common mistakes include only scrubbing your deck with water, having it cleaned only once a year, and not cleaning the spaces in between the wood thoroughly, causing internal rot and sometimes irreparable damage. Additionally Shine Windows services eavestroughs, and interior/exterior window cleaning.

Deck Cleaning

A Professional, Attentive Clean

Our customers are our family, so we make sure we treat your deck like we would our own. Deck and fence cleaning is what we take pride in, and this means that every technician we send out is trained, experienced, and has the best interest of your entire property in mind. Our technicians treat both the customers they serve, and the deck or fences they service, with the utmost care so that the only mark we leave is a deck that looks like it was just installed.

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