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An eavestrough is a gutter that is positioned beneath the edge of the roof. As it is intended as a channel for rainwater, it can get dirty relatively quick which is a tell tale sign of when to clean the gutters, which can impede its function. A critical part of maintaining your eavestrough is making sure that it is clean, and in the best condition possible. 

Your gutter may need to be cleaned more often if you live near lots of trees like many places in Toronto are. Toronto can also get lots of precipitation in a short period of time (such as during the Winter months your gutters can freeze), so your eavestroughs get tested often and hard. Here are a few factors that factor into the cost of eavestrough cleaning.

Clogged gutters with leaves, dirt, mud, and water in the eavestrough
Your gutters can be full of leaves in Autumn.

What Condition Are The Eavestroughs In?

Naturally, the price of getting your eavestrough professionally cleaned is contingent on their condition. If you get the gutters cleaned regularly, it will likely be a much quicker job and on the lower side of the price spectrum. If you have never had your gutter cleaned before, and a lot of gunk has built up, the price will be on the higher side of the aforementioned estimates.

If you wait too long in between eavestrough cleaning, it is possible that they may become damaged or overly clogged. This can also occur in the context of a natural disaster or an intense storm. Right before or right after inclement weather conditions are perfect times to evaluate your eavestrough health and have them cleaned. This is a necessary step for maintaining them in the long term, and maintaining them tends to be cheaper than waiting until they break to repair.


Hopefully, this article featured on Shine Windows will give you a ballpark idea of what the cost of cleaning your eavestrough will look like. Of course, it is highly personalized based on your home size, the condition of your gutters, and a variety of other factors. Hiring a professional is the best option to have the job done safely, correctly, and efficiently.

How Much Does Eavestrough Cleaning Cost?

Many gutter cleaning companies and services that do eavestrough cleaning in Toronto will give you a free assessment and price estimate based an on an evaluation of your home and gutters.

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