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You may be wondering what the importance of cleaning your eavestroughs are, or why you need to hire someone and can’t just do it yourself. You also may be thinking that it is too expensive, or companies tell you to do it more than you need. However, just like your car needs multiple oil changes a year, your eavestroughs have to be cleaned out twice a year. Just like any part of Toronto, Etobicoke gets over 750 mm of rain each year. This means that there is an ample amount of rain that falls throughout the year, and if your eavestroughs are not in proper working condition, there are also ample amounts of chances for your house to experience some form of water damage from clogged or broken eavestroughs.

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Etobicoke Has Plenty of Trees

Whether you live in a two-story house or a bungaloo building in Etobicoke, it is very important that you make sure your eavestroughs are well cared for. Etobicoke is a neighborhood that loves being green and has several parks which means there are many trees all around. While these trees add so much to the character of the neighborhood, they are enemy number one when it comes to keeping your eavestroughs clean. This is where servicing your eavestroughs is very important. This is also true for other Toronto neighbourhoods such as North York, Beaches, Forest Hill, and Rosedale for cleaning eaves.

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Trust the Professionals With Eavestrough Cleaning

You may be thinking to yourself that you can climb a ladder and clean them out yourself, but this not only poses a risk to you, but also to your eavestroughs. Without proper tools that professional eavestrough cleaners use like padded ladders, you can hurt your eavestroughs. In addition, unless you are in the eavestrough cleaning business, you may not know what to look for, what tools to use, and how to maintain your eavestroughs properly to ensure there are no cracks or leaks. This means you might think you are saving money by doing it yourself, but you pose the risk of unintentionally hurting your eavestroughs or not cleaning them properly which could lead to very expensive water damage down the line.

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Inexpensive Service to Prevent Flooding, Mold and Structural Damage

Our eavestrough cleaning service is an affordable service that maintains the health and structure of your eavestroughs. We will come to your home and not only clean the eavestroughs, but check for any damage like holes or cracks. In addition, they can seal these holes or cracks, or even put in new eavestrough if necessary. We also will ensure that your corner joints and downspouts are sealed correctly so that water flows only where it is supposed to. Finally, we can install downspouts to make sure that the water flows down your eavestrough and to a designated location, rather than making its way inside your wall or basement and causing you thousands of dollars in water damage.

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Hiring a company to care for your eavestroughs may seem like a waste of money, but you will actually be saving yourself money in the long run by ensuring that your eavestroughs are taken care of properly and preventing future very expensive costs of water damage due to bad eavestroughs. This proper cleaning must be done at least twice a year, not just in the fall like some people believe, to ensure that your eavestroughs stay in working condition to protect your home from the harmful effects of water. Call and make an appointment today with Shine Windows to schedule your eavestrough cleaning and protect your home from dangerous water damage.

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