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Rain is not a scarce occurrence when you live in Toronto. With an average rainfall of 786.9 mm, it is imperative that you keep your eavestroughs clean. Forest Hill is a beautiful area with very expensive homes that need to be protected from unwanted water damage. Keeping your eavestroughs clean is the best way to protect your house from water damage that can be an unseen threat to your home.

Eavestrough Cleaning Services in Toronto

Clogged Eavestroughs Cause Severe Damage to Your Home

When your eavestroughs don’t drain properly, it invites the water that is supposed to drain off your roof and to the ground, to say on the roof and leak inside. Clogged eavestroughs is even known to be one cause of basement flooding. Eavestroughs have to be cleaned at least twice a year, and are recommended to be cleaned more than that if you have any trees growing close to your property. Insurance companies know the importance of clean eavestroughs for the safety of your home, and therefore many insurance companies also recommend frequent eavestrough cleaning.

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We Seal The Holes in Eavestroughs As Well

The houses and buildings within the Forest Hill area are home to many of Toronto’s wealthiest residents. These beautiful structures deserve to be maintained with the utmost care that an eavestrough service can provide in order to maintain their structural quality. An eavestrough service not only will clean the eavestroughs until there is nothing left in them and water can run freely all the way to the drain spout, but they can fix holes within the eavestrough, seal the corners and joints with sealant, and install downspouts where needed.

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Properly Maintained Eavestroughs and Downspouts Keep Moisture Away from Your Home

You may be asking yourself why any of this is needed. Your eavestroughs look like they are in decent condition from where you are on the ground, but you cannot see them up close to see the clogs and the effects those clogs have on your whole system. It is important that they be cleared so the water can drain through to the end of your eavestrough and down the spout in order to prevent leakage and standing water that can attract mold and other issues in your home. In addition, holes in the eavestrough can be a place where debris collects, as well as water leaks where it is not supposed to posing a threat to your beautiful home.

It is also important that the corners and joints are correctly sealed with a sealant to ensure that your eavestroughs stay working properly when the rain comes. Finally, downspouts are needed to direct the water to your desired location. Without these downspouts, water just flows freely out of the spout with no direction as to where it should flow, and it can cause expensive damage you are trying to prevent.

Importance of Cleaning Eaves

Cleaning your eavestroughs may seem like something unimportant that only needs to be done during the fall when leaves are actively clogging those eavestroughs. This is not the case. The eavestroughs on your residential property, commercial building, or retail space need to be cleaned at least twice a year and maintained to ensure proper function and protect your beautiful buildings from dangerous and costly water damage. Additionally, we also provide our eaves cleaning in North York, Etobicoke, Beaches, and Rosedale.

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