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Even in the suburbs of Montreal, greenery plays a major part in the lives of people. Homes surrounded by trees and foliage offer residents of West Island a comfortable way of life with nature right outside their doors! However, as the weather begins to change and the trees start to shed their leaves, many residents will find themselves dealing with one of the major issues that plagues greenery-heavy neighbourhoods.

This is not to say that a neighbourhood with trees is a bad thing; quite the contrary, the more trees the better! But as the leaves begin to fall, your eavestrough – gutter – will begin to suffer. The leaves will start to pile up and prevent proper drainage of your gutters which can result in water damage in the home. As many homeowners know, water damage can be expensive, so you’ll want to avoid that at any cost.

Luckily for residents of West Island, Shine Windows is right there to help you out! Shine Windows is an exterior home cleaning company that specializes in keeping your eavestrough clean and healthy even as the leaves start to fall more and more. It’s tempting to want to clean your gutters yourself, but that can put both you and your gutter at risk of damages. Contact Shine Windows to get started before the leaves fill up your drainage system.

Eavestrough Cleaning Services in Toronto

Here’s More of What We Do for You

Eavestrough cleaning isn’t our only service. If your home is in the market for a good power washing of the outsides, contact us to get your revamp started today. Even homes need a good washing sometimes. Here are a few of the services you can expect from Shine Windows:

  • Window cleaning – Keep your windows spotless and clean with the window shining service.
  • Exterior cleaning – The layer of dirt that is caked on the exterior of your house is no match for Shine Window’s power washers.
  • Eavestrough care – Prevent build up in your eavestrough and stop water damage before it happens.
  • Raving reviews – With friendly and effective customer service, there’s a reason why Shine Windows is the best in Montreal.

On top of these, you are getting the ease and peace of mind that follows a proper home cleaning. With the customer satisfaction guarantee, you’ll know that you’re prioritized and that your home’s health comes first for us. Shine Windows will take care of your home and keep it sparkling like it’s new.

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As fall begins to come closer and closer, we start to see more and more gutters clogging up. It might be tempting to clear out the leaves yourself, and save a couple bucks – but don’t risk you or your home’s health and safety. Trust in the professionals to get things done quick and done right! Shine Windows promises you only the best service and a priority service that shows we care. Be the envy of West Island while keeping your eavestrough clean and clear as the weather continues to change. Shine Windows provides service to many areas including Montreal, Toronto, High Park, and Annex.

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