Frequently Asked Questions For Our Cleaning Services

1. How do we clean gutters?

At Shine Windows here in Toronto and North York, we pay our workers more than most companies in order to ensure that they spend more time at each house checking for problem areas like damaged eaves or blocked downspouts.

We don’t just clean the eavestroughs themselves, but also check that the downspouts are clear in order to be certain that water can properly flow through.

Although we are not experts in repairs, we can take pictures if requested and do our best to notify you of anything we find.

2. How are we different from other window cleaners?

We don’t reuse the same bucket of dirty water like you might see window cleaners do on the street and we do not use water-fed poling systems that leave marks or streaks. We are one of the leading window cleaning companies for a reason. We place quality first.

Every window is done manually by hand to ensure the least amount of streaks possible. In addition, we clean the frames, screens, tracks, and use a microfibre cloth to wipe away leftover streaks on the glass that remain.

All our materials are soft and built to not leave scratches on the glass.

3. My last company got overbooked and couldn’t make it in time before winter. How can I be sure you will not do the same?

In order to schedule work with us, we take a 25% deposit to guarantee your spot in the season. We do this because once we block off a time for you, we will turn down other calls that might come later. If we make a promise, we do everything possible to keep it.

4. I noticed there is no pricing on your website. Why do we need to meet in person?

As much as we would love to provide a flat rate, it is impossible to give every home the same quality job without sometimes undercharging.

This is why we will almost always meet you at your home in person for the first time to make sure the quote is exactly right for your specific needs.

5. What other services do you provide?

Aside from interior and exterior window and eaves cleaning, we also:
Power wash stone and decks
– Cleaning skylights
– Scrub mildew and grime from siding and gutters
– Refill and seal gaps in stone driveways and patios
Stain and seal decks

6. Do you have insurance?

We have 2 types of insurance. The first is WSIB to cover any potential injuries to the workers. The second is liability insurance for up to $3 million is case of any damages.

7. What kind of experience do you have?

Shine was started in January 2019.

After a combined total of 12 years in the painting industry and completing over $6 million of work, we decided that we wanted to build relationships where we would work each year with the same clientele.

Coming from a background of both business school and student painting, quality of service is our number one priority.

We started this business because we realized that most homeowners rely on either a local handyman who can be unreliable/does not have insurance, or a massive company that wants to finish every job as quickly as possible.

Our goal is to be the best, not the biggest.

8. Are your products eco-friendly?

Yes! All of our window cleaning products are bio-degradable.