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As a Toronto resident, you know that there is more to the city than just tall buildings and busy streets. That’s why we provide fence and deck staining for thousands of residential neighborhoods and dozens of suburban areas. It’s only natural to have a sense of pride in your property (especially around here) and that includes the beautiful backyards and backyard decks (Which should be cleaned yearly) that so many Toronto homes boast. We like to make the most of our outdoors when we can, so we love helping you maintain the best backyard and patio area possible with effective fence and deck staining in Toronto and its surrounding areas.

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Making the most of your Property Value

In order to create more curb appeal and property value, a great backyard and patio space can have tremendous impact. Whether this impact is positive or negative, however, is up to you. If you do not take care of it with proper deck staining and professional upkeep, then your deck is going to end up costing you more than you get out of it.

Since a patio or deck can create a more enjoyable space in your backyard, it’s a great idea to have one installed or have your existing deck stained and pressure washed regularly to keep it looking brand new. Nothing can draw prospective home-owners in like a well-maintained backyard and entertainment space.

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Reducing your Long Term Costs

We’ve been in business a long time staining decks, providing deck staining services to thousands of customers who have found that taking proper care of their deck, by repainting or staining it regularly, can save them anywhere from 70-90% of the cost of a new deck.

If you’re letting your deck get rundown, or you feel like you don’t have the money for deck staining right now, try to think long term. If there ever comes a time to sell your home, every realtor will tell you to install a new deck and replace the run-down outdoor space to greatly increase resale value. Why not handle a little cost now to avoid a larger expense in the future?

Our Experienced Team Provides:

  • Large variety of deck staining colours featuring natural-looking clear wood stains
  • High-quality deck washing products
  • Penetrating deck finishes on treated wood
  • Complete deck finishing & deck sealing services
  • Both fence staining and deck
  • Both solid stains and clear stains
Fence and Deck Staining in Toronto Area
Fence Staining in Toronto

Protecting what You’ve Invested In

No matter what kind of deck or patio you have, or how much use you get out of it, you paid good money for it, which makes protecting it even more important. Us Canadians have to be especially careful because of the harsh weather and drastic temperature changes: these can lead to rain, snow, mold, and mildew, all of which can rot the boards and warp your deck.

Deck staining is extremely important to creating longevity for the valuable wood in these harsh conditions. Stains typically act as water-sealants as well, creating a protective coating. Also, a good stain will protect against the regular hazards to an outdoor deck like feet, scratches, heavy objects, and general wear and tear from usage. on top of deck staining, keeping up on eavestrough cleaning and window washing can help keep your house lasting for years to come.

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Deck staining is not only a great idea financially, but it will create a much better outdoor atmosphere for your friends and family to enjoy without worrying about ruining the wood in any way! Choose Shine Windows as your stain company of choice.

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