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If you own a home, you most likely have had to clean your windows at some point. You may have also wondered how the professionals provide streak-free windows every time. In this article, we will uncover how professional window cleaning companies achieve this, including us here at Shine Windows.

What Most People Use When Cleaning Their Home Windows

For most people, when they do DIY window cleaning, use tools such as paper towel, sponge, or even just a wet old rag. While these methods do work, achieving a streak-free shine can become difficult quickly!

Using chemical products that you can purchase at your local store will help you achieve cleaner windows. However, the professionals in the window cleaning industry have a few tricks up their sleeves.

The Most Popular Window Cleaning Supplies Used By the Pros

What Professional Window Cleaners Use Day-to-Day

The pros know precisely what is best to use when cleaning windows and just how to get the job done right in as little time as possible (As with other jobs such as deck cleaning!). By using professional supplies such as quality-grade detergent, squeegees, scrapers, or window mop, they can provide that next level of quality you may be looking for.

Typically, window cleaners will rely on a few key tools, including a cleaning wand, squeegee, and scraper. We couldn’t do it without the essentials as well, such as the go-to cloth, bucket, or detergent to give your windows a clean shine.

The Reliable Cleaning Wand

This tool is also called a window mop and is widely used by the pros. This tool is essentially just a T-bar with a sleeve that can be changed out for different types depending on the job at hand.

A cleaning wand can quickly clean windows since you can dip it directly into any cleaning solution and get right to work. It provides a consistent job that a sponge or towel isn’t always capable of doing.

Squeegee for a Clean Finish

Every tool has a specific job, and when it comes to the squeegee, it excels in providing a clean finish to the windows. This tool is primarily used for drying to ensure no streaks get left behind.

The pros typically have a variety of squeegees depending on the job at hand to ensure the best results possible, but for a homeowner, one is usually excellent for minor upkeep.

For the Toughest of Window Dirt, the Scraper Can Get the Job Done

The scraper is an essential back-pocket tool capable of removing paint or marks that just won’t come off with a cloth or rag. This tool can remove these issues before the actual window cleaning begins.

Notice: You must be careful when using a scraper to avoid damaging the glass. Professionals, such as our team here at Shine Windows, have extensive experience with this tool, but if you are not familiar with how to properly use it, be careful!

The Essentials We All Need

The above three tools are a staple for the pros, but there are also items we should all use when cleaning windows. This includes the go-to cloth, bucket, and some sort of cleaning chemical.

You have probably used a paper towel or some sort of rag to clean your windows at some point in time. However, using a quality made cloth can make all the difference. Additionally, a reliable bucket is great to have when cleaning windows. The pros will use a bucket that works with a cleaning wand so that it can be quickly dipped in the cleaning solution.

Last but not least, detergent is recommended when cleaning windows. The professionals will have their own go-to brand that they stand by, but as a homeowner, there are many options you can purchase at your local store.

Why Choose Professional Cleaners?

If you are looking to achieve streak-free windows for your home in Toronto or the Montreal areas, leaving it to the pros can make the difference. Not only is it their job to provide a quality, reliable service, but they know exactly what works best, including the tools and techniques to achieve clean windows.

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