Our Cleaning Teams

We hire for attitude and train for skill. Each of our window cleaning team members are hand picked through a 6:1 hiring process each season. That means that we have to interview a minimum of 6 candidates that already meet the requirements in order to choose one. Experience can be an asset, but most of all we hire based on these key values:

Do What You Say

Finish What you Start

Say Please and Thank You

Be on Time

Most companies focus on the skill set of a worker, where we know from experience that with the right attitude any skill can be trained. This also means that we invest a lot into our team members and the success of their careers. They go through months of training during a probation period where they must not only show that they can produce the highest quality of work, but also produce references from customers that show us that they truly cared about the client and their home

Our teams are uniformed and respect your home in all manners

Our Mission Statement

Our goal at Shine is to have the utmost integrity in performing the highest quality work for our clients, while providing them with a turnkey solution for easy booking, coordination and experience.

We put our clients first. That is why we have a 100% satisfaction process. We do not take any final payments until you have done a thorough walk around and signed off on the work.

Save Time with Shine

We felt that the home services industry needed a bit of a face lift in terms of it payments and coordination. That’s why we have all of our payments integrated with your digital agreement. As soon as you give us the go ahead and book us in, you can digitally sign, pay and schedule with a click of a button! When the job is done, you will authorize that you are satisfied and make your final payment online!

Most people get their cleaning done once or twice a year. Now, if your happy with your service the first time you can just book us in on a recurring basis, again, all done online with no hassle!

Safety is Our Priority

Safety is at the forefront of every project. We scope out all angles, objects and ladder placements. We are professionally ladder and harness trained and can handle tough cleaning jobs in tough locations. We are covered under WSIB and hold $5 million in liability insurance. Get started with Shine Window and Eaves Cleaning based in Toronto, Ontario.