Don’t Be Like Other Homeowners

Most homeowners don’t clean their windows because of one thing: it’s frustrating – and understandably so. Getting that sparkly clean, streak-free glass takes so much time and commitment. But some blemishes are just that hard to get out so it often gives little to no results. Some homeowners turn to using vinegar, ammonia, or various chemicals just to make it work but will often end up doing more damage than good.

Window Cleaners in Toronto

Why Is Proper Window Cleaning Important?

First impressions matter, especially in real estate. Many potential buyers often go by their first impression of your home and immediately make assumptions. After all, first impressions do last. One look at dirty windows and your home immediately looks unappealing to potential buyers.

But think about this: a beautiful home with a great lawn and the windows sparkling clean. Doesn’t that look more appealing? That’s what a professional High Park window cleaning service can do for your home.


What High Park Window Cleaning Services Do We Provide?

  • Interior and Exterior Window Panes
  • Interior and Exterior Window Sills and Casements
  • Opening and Closing Mechanism Lubrication
  • Interior and Exterior Window Sills
  • RainX Protection (Optional)
Commercial and Residential Window Cleaning in Toronto
Interior Window Cleaning

We Take Window Care Very Seriously

Proper window care takes time and commitment, two things of which we have plenty. For our clients, we will always take the time to complete the job. We remain committed to giving only the best service we can provide to all our clients in High Park. Window care is our specialty so no more scrubbing, splashing, and wiping for you. Our professional High Park window cleaners will take care of everything for you. You’ll be left with squeaky clean, streak-free windows.

Our Process

We use a 3-step process to make sure your windows are in tip-top shape.

1. Spraying with eco-friendly cleaning solution to loosen up grime, dust, or any other contaminants. We do a little light scrubbing to make sure they are loose and easy to remove.

2. The windows are squeegeed clean to effectively remove all the blemishes from your window, leaving you with crystal clear glass.

3. Using a lint-free wiper, your windows are wiped clean and dry. This is to ensure that your windows remain clean and spot-free.

The Shine Advantage

At Shine, we pride ourselves in the quality of work that we do and our commitment to constantly improving ourselves to better serve you.
We do everything right. In our line of business, we take care of everything – and we do it right. We use the right tools, use the right people, and use the right methods of window cleaning.

Service you can depend on. Our formula for success is easy: speed, efficiency, and reliability. While others let you pick 2 and compromise on the last one, with us, you get all 3.

Your satisfaction is our top priority. Members of Team Shine always have a goal in mind, which is the satisfaction of our clients. By doing the best work on all of your windows, we’ve never had disappointed clients – and we won’t stop now! We service many areas for your cleaning needs including North York, Rosedale, Leaside, Forest Hill, Bridle Path, Toronto and more.

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