Improper Window Care Can Do More Damage

For most homeowners, windows are just an afterthought. A splash here, a wipe there, let it dry, and they’re all set. Some take it a step further and use various window cleaning hacks to keep their windows sparkly clean. But improper window cleaning techniques can leave you with unsightly watermarks, streaks, and other blemishes that can be more difficult to get out.

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Professional Window Cleaning in Leaside

We don’t just clean windows – we make them gleam. Shine is in the business of taking proper care of your windows so you don’t have to. We are a professional window cleaning service in Leaside specializing in residential and commercial structures. As professionals, we take all necessary precautions and whatever it takes to wash your windows properly, leaving them sparkling and blemish-free. Proper cleaning is what we do and your satisfaction is what we want.


Protect Your Windows from Damage
Glass is a Sensitive Material

Glass is not a porous material. However, improper cleaning techniques and materials can turn glass into a porous material. Over time, this porosity can break down the surface, which damages the glass even further. When that happens, you will need to replace your windows, which is quite unfortunate because…

Windows are Expensive

It’s not just the glass that you have to worry about. There are many things to consider when having your windows replaced. Aside from the glass itself, you’d also have to take apart the sill itself and replace the window frames. When you think about it, it takes too much time, effort, and money to have your windows replaced.

We Worry About Your Windows, So You Don’t Have To

Don’t worry about how to clean your windows – we got that covered. Our professional Leaside window cleaners are among the best in the country. We make sure your windows are spotless and free from all blemishes.

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What Will You Get from Us?

Reliable Service

As a business, our business model is based on the term “as advertised”. Our business is built entirely on transparency and reliability. What we say is what you get – and that is a guarantee. Our goal is provide an efficient and reliable service and that is what we set out to do. Therefore, when we advertise clean and streak-free window, that is what you will get.

Extreme Care

Your property is as important to us as it is to you. We put so much care while cleaning your windows to make sure they become sparkling clean the right way. We also place much care on the surrounding areas, being careful not do any damage on your property – not even a little.


We pride our selves in being professional in the way we conduct ourselves and the way we do things. That’s why we make sure to always show up on time, communicate with you throughout the process, and not taking any shortcuts in carrying the job.

Focus on Customer Service

Above all, your satisfaction will always be our priority.

This is why you should consider Shine Windows for your cleaning window needs in the High Park, North York, Forest Hill, Rosedale, Bridle Path areas.

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