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Dirty windows can make anyone appreciate your home less and might actually devalue your home. Clean windows, on the other hand, are a gem for many homeowners. They improve your home’s appearance, extend the life of your windows, and make your home appear brighter. But we know that washing your windows might be the least of your priorities right now – and we don’t blame you. It’s tedious and can be a little frustrating. But don’t worry, we’re here to handle all the work for you.

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Trusted Professional Window Care Services

We are a professional window cleaning service in North York that specializes in window care. Cleaning windows is not just something that we do – it’s our profession. We pride ourselves in our attention to detail and the quality of work that we provide. That’s why we have built a reputation of being trustworthy and reliable professionals who love what we do. When it comes to caring for your windows, your satisfaction will always be our top priority.


What High Park Window Cleaning Services Do We Provide?

  • Interior and Exterior Window Panes
  • Interior and Exterior Window Sills and Casements
  • Opening and Closing Mechanism Lubrication
  • Interior and Exterior Window Sills
  • RainX Protection (Optional)
Commercial and Residential Window Cleaning in Toronto
Interior Window Cleaning

Why Us?

We Take Window Care Seriously

We know just about anyone can clean windows. But it takes a special breed of professionals to take window care seriously – and we are that special breed. With any job that we do, we make sure to provide only the best service that we provide to make sure that by the time we leave your home, your windows are sparkling.

We are Fully-Insured

It’s always nice knowing that you’re always protected. Our window cleaning professionals are the best in the business who will clean your windows using the best techniques risk-free. Your windows are safe with us – but we have insurance to give you more peace of mind.

We are Professionals All the Way

We are professionals and we conduct ourselves that way. For every job that we do, we make it a point to always show up on time and clean your windows the right way.

North York Window Cleaning Services

When you hire a professional window cleaning service from North York, we know that you expect us to perform an exceptional job. That’s part of our job and we always seek to fulfill our responsibility to our clients. We take it upon ourselves to ensure that we give you the best service we can provide.

But more than that, it is also part of our job to respect the home of our clients. Your property is immaculate to us, that is why we take the extra step in taking care of your home. At Shine, you can rest easy knowing that we will strive to do an impeccable job of your windows while treating your property with the care and respect it deserves. View our other window cleaning service areas including Toronto, Leaside, Forest Hill, Bridle Path, and Rosedale.

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