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Keeping your windows in shape and cleaning them yourself can be a real drag, but why spend your weekend on an exhausting task instead of spending time with your family or sticking to your planned activities? When it comes to top notch window cleaning services in Westmount, we got you all covered. So leave your window woes to us and take that well-deserved break.

Professional Window Cleaning Done Right

Sure, there are a lot of window cleaning companies out there, but what sets Shine apart from the competition is that we never settle for less, and neither should you. A job that’s “just okay” isn’t alright with us at all, because we won’t stop until every speck of dirt, grime, mold and mildew on your windows are gone, we will make sure of that by thoroughly inspecting every window in your home another time, and that is when we say we’re done.

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Your Windows Need Regular Care Too

Just like the human body, windows also need to “stay in shape” for them to perform in their optimal state because windows aren’t for aesthetic purposes only. A dirty window can’t properly bring in light and if still left uncleaned, deposits of acid rain, mold and mildew may build up which is a deadly combination of allergens that may harm those who are living in the house, and at times, may cause fatal incidents.  That is why having a clean window isn’t just for show, it’s also beneficial for you and your family’s health.

Having well maintained and squeaky-clean windows help extend the windows life span, avoiding window related access should the window be faulty or would soon be broken because they were left unchecked and would keep your property’s real estate value at its best rate.

We highly recommend to Westmount residents that they should have their windows cleaned at least once a month to ensure that your windows are always well taken care of by our respectful and consistent professionals who would be more than happy to help with your window maintenance problems.

Why Clean Your Windows Before Selling Your House

Your Windows Need Regular Care Too

We Use the Best Equipment

Putting on some elbow grease when cleaning windows isn’t enough for you to have a window that’s as clean and clear as a mirror. We have the latest equipment in the window cleaning industry, eco-friendly and biodegradable cleaning solutions that’s free from allergens and toxins, the softest and smoothest materials that won’t leave a single scratch on your windows and of course, skilled window cleaning veterans who would efficiently do the job in no time. Need we say more?

We Offer Competitive Prices

We never offer standard priced packages, because there are different solutions to different problems to every household’s windows, yet still we have the lowest prices the market has to offer. No matter how simple or complex the job may be, we always send in the best experts for every job because efficiency and quality is what we live by for, you can expect the job to be done in no time but with the most effort and craftsmanship.

We Do Ordinary Window Cleaning Extraordinarily Well

To some, window cleaning may seem like a simple job, but the truth is, it takes a lot of skill, experience, training and hard work to perfect the craft of making windows stay spotlessly clean, streak-free, and gleaming. We take pride in our passion for the trade through showcasing professionalism, expertise, and providing results that are more than what you asked for, every step of the way.

These are one of the many reasons why we excel in this industry that we cherish deeply in our hearts. We service other areas too, including Etobicoke, Moore Park, Beaches, and Midtown Toronto.

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