Window Cleaning Services Pricing

We know that your house is unique. That is why each of our estimates are tailored to your specific house and specific needs. One of our home specialists will set up a convenient time for you to meet, go over the specifics of the work and provide a detailed estimate with multiple options to fit your budget and requirements.

In order to secure the work, a 25% deposit can be made to Shine Windows and Gutters Inc. and can be in the form of credit card, check, cash or e -transfer.

Payments and Coordination

We know how busy you are. Therefore we have created the simplest solution in the industry for payments and coordination. Once you authorize the work, you can sign and pay instantly with our in-person solution. Should you be on the go and need the work done without being present, we can send it directly to your email where you can sign and pay within seconds.

You will be sent a notification when your work is scheduled and the steps that need to be followed to ensure your satisfaction. Once the work is complete and you are completely satisfied with the work, no need to send a check, make a phone call or schedule an appointment, your invoice will be in your inbox waiting for your to sign off and make your final payment.

Schedule in Advance

Our goal is to make the process as pain free as possible when it comes to our window cleaning services and others. Therefore at the end of your first service, if you wish to make this a yearly or bi-yearly service, you will just need to click for repeat client and we will be all set for the next cleaning. No more calls, emails or hunting someone down for service, just a click of a button! Get started with Shine Window & Eaves Cleaning in and around Toronto.